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With the increasing role IT is currently playing, the success of small to midsize organizations rely heavily on managing a solid IT environment for all aspects of daily operations. Optimized IT helps your organization to perform more efficiently and provide better products and services to clients with sustained cost management. StratusComm can help your organization thrive with experienced and reliable IT services. We offer a spectrum of services featuring the latest in Security, Cloud Implementation, IT Managed Services, CIO Advisory, IT Consulting and Disruptive Technology to assist your organization’s entire IT environment.

Our Services

This is the new challenging technology

that everyone wants to seize. We have and partner with the best technology solution providers around the world to help you

manage all aspects of a Disrupted initiative, from concept, implementation and support.

Cloud-based IT systems have become an attractive solution to organizations. It allows them to pay for only what they consume.  We can help you to assess if cloud is a good fit for your organization and provide all the expertise to transition into the cloud.

Our IT Managed Services let your

organization focus the energy on your core business success, while we take care of your IT. Our   professionals are committed to assist your IT run smoothly and efficiently, solving issues faster and with minimal impact. 

We understand that especially for small and midsize organizations, dealing with IT can be a big challenge. Our company offers advisory services from a highly strategic CIO perspective. It is our way to bring a large organization IT expertise to your needs.

In a digital interconnected ecosystem, the best way to safeguard your organization’s information is to appropriately protect it. By taking IT Cyber Security seriously, organizations can anticipate and minimize threats, vulnerabilities and risks. 

By delegating  your organization’s specific IT assignments, you will be able to get the in-depth expertise your company deserves to advance your businesses initiatives. Our professional IT Consulting delivers strategic guidance in distinct technology areas.

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