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In any type of organization, there will be times that new IT capabilities need to be implemented in order to drive business growth. Smaller organizations can bring this expertise in-house temporarily for specific projects by hiring an independent consultant. IT consultants can be an extremely valuable ally, helping to identify needs, find potential service providers, advise on provider selection and plan and manage the project. 


By delegating to Stratus Communications your organization’s specific IT assignments, you will be able to get the in-depth expertise your organization deserves to significantly improve operations and advance your businesses initiatives. We excel in translating business needs into technical requirements and our professional IT Consulting is able to deliver strategic guidance in distinct technology areas.


Here are some of the areas that we are able to offer a consulting agreement:


  • IT Project Management

  • Application Development & Support

  • Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP Implementation

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Process Development

  • IT Developing and Training

  • Architecture

  • Virtualization

  • And more… 

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