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Strategic IT is the use of information technology to play a vital role in an organization's business plan by improving efficiency, creating opportunities, and interacting with customers and vendors. Our CIO Advisory Services supplement your organization's technology leadership, providing advice and experience from a highly strategic CIO perspective. It is our way to bring a large organization IT expertise in a nimble way to your needs. 


Developing an effective technology framework is not a journey you need to take alone. By understanding your environment, our advisors will help you align people, process and technology to ensure you are making cohesive and innovative IT decisions in the direction that supports your organizational strategic goals.


Stratus Communications can provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions from strategy to implementation, with industry-specific insights and advice to optimize and maximize your IT investments and initiatives. This will support you enhance resources, focus on your core business and ultimately increase profitability.


Working with an outsourced CIO Advisor will help you benefit from:


  • IT Strategy Development and Execution

  • Business and IT Strategy alignment

  • Personalized environment analysis

  • Organization Process Review

  • Executive communications and reports 

  • IT Financial planning 

  • Proof of Concepts

  • IT vendor management and contract negotiations

  • Project reviews and business case development

  • Merger and Acquisition Evaluation

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